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Friday, 04 January 2008



That was so funny! "It's the hat."

Thank you for a fascinating post and those beautiful pictures.

New Orleans News Ladder

Hey! You Rock Big Dogs!
I lived above the Iron rail until the storm + 6 days before escaping to Baton Rouge and then further north when Rita came. Still on the long Road Home.
Really enjoyed your post, so I hung it up on the Ladder.
Please come back.
editor / NO News Ladder


Thank you, Catherine - I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the link!

Bruce, your blog is so full of great info - we appreciate your linking to us. Sounds like you had quite an experience. And not to worry, we will be back!


Is there, like, a North Atlanta accent? Or do all North Atlantans behave thus? Cause we're going to be living in Virginia-Highland this summer, and I want to be prepared...

Both times I did absinthe shots in Italia, they did the flaming sugar cube thing. I am surprised (and, I must admit, pleased) that this is not traditional. Because nothing screams "I am a dumb fratboy" like a flaming shot.



Wow. Follow that youtube link!
Great post PantsPeople! Gotta do NO with youz eventually -- cat free, tho


Wow. Follow that youtube link!
Great post PantsPeople! Gotta do NO with youz eventually -- cat free, tho


Paolo, my gawd, what a hilariously stupid video! I can't tell a North Atlanta accent - this woman stumbled up to us (prior to her singing pickup) and rattled off her entire life story. Vacations, work, the whole bit. Have fun in that corner of the country!

Auntiepants, that would certainly be fun - we'll take you up on it any day!

Lisa (the girls' moma)

Well, hello there, Boots in the Oven!

After finding you on Flickr through the pics of the flaming absinthe, which I have never tried, it is only appropriate that I comment on this post first.

I was in NOLA for a week in April '06, adding my two cents to a few houses to help get a few folks ready to move back home and start rebuilding. It is good to see that you were there to have FUN! And not just work with moldy drywall. Like you, I plan to return, triumphantly!, to the city.

And I shall have a sazerac, and a flaming frat-boy absinthe, and scream "IT'S THE HAT!"



Thanks, Lisa! Good for you, going there to help out. Certain parts of the city are coming along, but it's still pretty sad in patches.

I like the tri-pronged approach for New Orleans fun!

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hi all :)

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