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Thursday, 30 August 2007



just fantastic !! great descriptions and your yearning for more is quite evident !!

Hey, you were -- like -- kidding about the staying over for breakfast?? or not? I'm so confused..why would you dinner end with breakfast food? and you said you went back to maidenhead that "evening" when it was all over... so i am really confused... was that one meal or the two it seems like?


Oh god. That shit is so fucking sick. Awesome, dudes. Wow.


OMG ... I know what my next trip will be!

Albany Jane

My, that all looks wonderful. The fat on the lamb especially caught my eye. You two have the most fun adventures!

Boots in the Oven

Thank you so much for your nice comments, you guys!

Auntie, you're hilariously literal. :-) It was just one meal, that happened to have a breakfasty component to the desserts. So much fun!


....just cried with joy.


If I don't get into El Bulli next year, I'm going to try for the Fat Duck! I wasn't so sure about it before but you've convinced me! What a gorgeous meal!

BTW, do you know if they make their own chocolates? It's just that the mint ones look so much like those from L'Artisan du Chocolat.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Adam!

Su-lin, I don't know about the chocolates! So sorry. Husbear actually went back and forth about getting a gift certificate for the Fat Duck vs. El Bulli, but he decided on the Fat Duck - he says he feels like though Heston Blumenthal experiments a lot with food, he still makes food... whereas Ferran Adria is more about experimentation for experimentation's sake. Though we are TOTALLY going to El Bulli. Someday.


Brilliant review, there's a lot here that we ate back in June 2005. I'd love to try the sea foamy dish which sounds great fun, and the bacon ice cream seems to have changed quite a bit.


Thank you, Sarah! My apologies for letting your comment fall by the wayside. I think much of the tasting menu remains pretty static - once he finds something that works, it seems like he's loath to part with it!

The sea foam dish was a whole lot of fun. Loved the headphones!

yonas / Andy

I never been your restorant, but I imagen it looks fantastic by just looking at the website, I just wonder how much is cost?

Would love to have more restaurant reviews. Enjoyed this one. Thanks, J.L.

Boots in the Oven

Thank you, J.L.! We do have some more restaurant reviews that are all categorized here: http://www.bootsintheoven.com/boots_in_the_oven/restaurants_we_take_our_camera_so_you_dont_have_to/

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Loved your thoughts on the Fat Duck almost two years ago - we were there last week and had almost exactly the same menu!

Logan @ Boots in the Oven

That's really funny. You'd think with being closed for so long they might have opted for a revamp.


Wonderful review, thanks so much for taking the trouble. My partner and I are dining at the Fat Duck on Wednesday (on the day of his 50th birthday) and this was a great appetite-whetter. (Plus, we have The Book and so can look stuff up. You were very perceptive re. the hot and iced tea!)

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