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Friday, 22 June 2007



~~ sigh ~~~

oh, and check the clock on the 'puter you be using.. it is a day ahead....

tra la


omg awesome.

Maybe it's nice to keep this BEST RESTAURANT EVER (in SE Asia) a secret. Anyone who's from the area would probably know it, and the rest of us will probably NEVER GO THERE ANYWAY so yeah. :) :| (sob) It kinda makes me not want to eat Thai food here ever again because it would suck in comparison. Not that I know what the comparison is...



those sausages are called "lup cheong."

Boots in the Oven

Auntie - thx, it should be fixed now...

roboppy, you're probably right about keeping the restaurant a secret. I wish we could have found the exact address! We're surrounded by Thai restaurants here in Louisiana and we haven't had the urge to go since we got back.

RONW - thank you! Gawd, we're ign'ant.


Jeeze, no joke about the tuk-tuk and taxi drivers in Thailand. I was actually screamed at by a taxi driver when I got a police officer to do my bargaining for me. As much as I enjoyed the food there, dealing with every Thai who thought I was a cash machine just about did me in, and I'd probably never go back because of it. (I did take a cooking course though, so at least I can recreate some of that fine food.)


Wow, you guys are off travelling again already?

Mmmm, nice Thai food is one of the things I missed while staying in Italy, and I haven't found any good Thai restaurants here in London yet either. I remember when I was in China that it was always the little out of the way restaurants where you got the best food, because, like you mentioned, they don't try to westernise their menu, so you eat exactly the same as the locals.

I haven't travelled around Thailand, but I have been to Bangkok while in transit, and I had a couple of experiences with taxi drivers and tuk-tuks. Regarding taxis, when I was on the way to my hotel from the airport, the driver was doing at least 140km/h (I looked at the speedo) and was using the emergency lane for overtaking. Regarding tuk-tuks, a driver said he would give me a "free" ride to show me some "temples". Well, the only "temple" we visited, there was a couple of small Buddha statues covered in cat urine. As for the ride being "free", he dropped me off at a clothing store, since he got free petrol vouchers to bring in customers. I then had to fend off the sales attendents who expected me to buy several suits: "How many suits you like? Four, five? Custom made, very cheap price."

I also sympathise with Brenda about people tryng to rip you off after pretending to be your friend. Although I'm sure that the rest of Thailand isn't as bad as Bangkok in this aspect.

Anyway, your trip sounds great. I'll definitely have to go back and experience the "real" Thailand (ie outside Bangkok) sometime.


Sadly, it wasn't only in Bangkok that it happened. (I spent the least of my time in Thailand there and I think of Bangkok as the kind of city not to be lingered over much.) Again, the amazing food to be had on any blockp aaaaalmost made up for all the trouble with the farang-loving taxi & tuk-tuk drivers.

Boots in the Oven


You have my sympathies! I just tried to keep in mind that sometimes, you'd be dickering with a taxi driver over one or two dollars - you can't let it ruin an entire country for you.

Three or four dollars to get most of the way across town, or twelve to the airport, is still really cheap!


Well, we're back now - this is the trip we took to get back from Italy! Sounds like you had a real Bangkok experience, tailors and all.

And you're right about getting out of Bangkok. It's hot, and there's not very much green, and it's more expensive, and the people there are much more used to dealing with farang.


OMG, my husband would love that meal you describe! Me, I'm more of a Farang-spicy, wimpy type ;-)

Boots in the Oven

Really? I bet you love Vietnamese food! It's much less spicy, full of flavors from herbs, and less fried overall. Mmmmmmm.


I live in Chiang Mai Thailand for 4 years now and I really liked your entries. Good pictures. it's pure Thailand !!

Boots in the Oven

Thank you, Ace! Chiang Mai is beautiful.

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