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Wednesday, 07 February 2007



Thank-you, girlie! Very informative!


Totally dug the fashion report! That was great. They do look all put together, and I noticed there weren't a lot of obese people like here.... That was fun! Thanks!


Thanks for the comments, guys!

Margaux, I hope it is actually useful... we'll see you guys in a couple of weeks (squee!)

Glenna, I can't figure it out myself... even the people who are in pretty ridiculous outfits look like they spent some time putting themselves together, and the ridiculousness always seems to match itself, if that makes sense? And you're definitely right about the overweight - there aren't nearly the number of obese people here!

Thanks for the compliments!


Loved this essay!

The shorts look is totally in in Japan as well. And I agree, looking put together is not only way less hard than it looks, but really does make life a little more of an...event.

IMPORTANT: If you have the 911 on stylish and comfortable travel clothes...hunny, you could start a company. At the very least, let me in on your secrets.

How many times did I feel like slob amongst the perfectly groomed little french/eastern european beauties that are pandemic? Answer: Every time.

Fix it Girlie! American broads abroad need you!


danielle, I guess I just don't understand why "travel clothes" need to be such a different category from "stylish, everyday clothes." I mean, you want to match and look good when you travel, right? So why do people wear fanny packs and fugly baloonpants?


I really loved the fashion report.. being a teenager, that was very inspiring :D Thank you

Oh and please if you will, e-mail me with the latest up to date fashion ;D

Boots in the Oven

Maryam, I'm glad you liked the post! I really meant to get out and do another one before we left Florence, but the time just got away from me. Poot. Maybe I'll have to do one in Louisiana, where we're living for the time being. Should be a little different, nu?

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