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Sunday, 25 February 2007



OK, I'm still reeling from the seriously impressive list of lurid double entendres you managed to squeeze out of the name of this dish! Brilliant!! But seriously, I love the sheer gaminess of hare and I am 100% with you on the necessity of a sweet condiment to complement it. Looking at your beautful pie made me wish I weren't such a lazy git and have made a double crust pie - but I guess there's always next time... Oh yes, and could you post me a couple of those suppli? Ta!


Jeanne, thanks so much for your kind comment (and for hosting the event)! Glad you found the pie as intriguing as I did... and I'm with you on the list of double entendres. You wouldn't believe what Husbear's fellow students had to say when he told them what he had baked over the weekend! :rolls eyes:

Of course we can send suppli! They may need a refrying on arrival, though...



I LOVE it! Very cool dish and even cooler (is that a word?) post. Yes, loved all the double entendres. I also love hare/rabbit. We grew up eating it. Hey, what can I say? I'm from a small town in the Midwest where if you're not a hunter, you're a freak and what's on the table has a lot to do with what hunting season it is. Really beautiful pie. (So glad you didn't make eel pie. Is it REALLY good? I have a hard time imagining it although I do eat eal in my sushi occasionally.)


Glenna, thank you! I hadn't ever had game of any kind before meeting Husbear - his uncles hunt, and I tried some of their homemade venison sausage. It must be wonderful to have such access to it!

About the eel pie, I don't know - I've never tried one before! Lots of Brits seem to be all about it, and we certainly want to give it a try when we're there in May.


Wonderful, witty, wise, and ~~X-rated.

Great post Mr Pants !

You should do this more often (post cool stuff presented with panache, i mean -- not necessarily make pie from dead beasts).


Thanks, Auntie! I will pass along the request.

Well you know I love hare pie! Oh I mean actually I've never had hare pie, but it sounds good...if you catch my drift. Haha...I do have to say I enjoyed Logan's post. I can almost hear him talking as I read it now. Miss you guys! I am catching up on my Boots in the Oven...everything looks tasty, and is literally making my mouth water. Especially suppli...I love suppli. Thanks. Jerks.



Sooze, thanks for commenting!

Yeah, I wish Logan had more time to write posts... he has like twelve on the back burner that he hasn't had a chance to work on.

I love suppli too!

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