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Wednesday, 06 December 2006



lol didn't you know Switzerland is best known for their BAD FOOD?! :) :) :)


Well, I certainly agree with the "bad food" comment and want to add though that the bathrooms in Switzerland are f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!! In Italy the food is great and the bathrooms are certainly NOT fabulous. I think it's a way to understand the two cultures...one focuses on going in, and the other on going out... I'm sorry, that comment is almost as gross as vinegar on chicken cordon bleu. HAR HAR HAR.

Girlie, this post really captures the day well, and with great humor. Given the following two days' events, your next episodes will, I know, be great fun.


It sounds like you guys were unlucky with Swiss food! When I was there I had the Rösti with a traditional dish called Geschnetzeltes, which is veal in some kind of white wine/cream/mushroom sauce. It was fantastic! I also had homemade Raclette with a Swiss member of my host family while I was living in Germany, and that was fabulous as well.

Maybe you figured this out already, but Weniger Fett means less fat! I'm totally amused by "100% chips" though... as opposed to what, I wonder?

In Germany they sell those "picnic eggs" year round. They're actually handy when you're too lazy to hardboil your own eggs!

Great post!


The Swiss are very particular with their hot chocolate. The reason why it comes in powder form is that you can send it up the mountains easier and in case of Ovomaltine plenty of people actually eat it and don't drink it :-)

And I'd say the Swiss are more into raclette than fondue: http://www.raclette.com.au/raclette_info/raclette_or_fondue.html


Boots in the Oven

Wow! Thanks for the comments!

Dandyna, right... we didn't have too much luck with the food! Perhaps it's that we were eating in restaurants and not houses?

Auntie, thanks for the compliments... I need to talk about the bathrooms, as they were quite impressive!

Amy, geschnetzeltes sounds delicious. And we did like the raclette we ended up having. So, they just dye the picnic eggs for pretties?

Simon, it seems like a lot of Swiss food was based on how difficult it is getting food up a mountain... hence the lack of vegetables. The Swiss kids in my Italian class were shocked that this American had heard of raclette, and they certainly did love it....


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