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Saturday, 04 March 2006



HURRRAYYY for Girlie.

That looks great !!!

A marked improvement from the cutlet w/ gravy display from a few months back.. what was that meat anyway?

this is a lively and colorful and wonderful presentation..

Be proud!! and when you both next visit (or I you) i'll expect girlie to whip up some delights as well as mr pants.


Boots in the Oven

Yeah, that guy totally blew my cover, didn't he? (To be fair, he doesn't mention that he helped me finish the dish - I got it just about done, then he came in to rescue me. Still an improvement, though!)

"That meat" was pork, which came in a two-chop pack... I think the other chop is still sitting in the freezer. I think I've just completely fogotten how to cook meat.

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