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Monday, 23 January 2006



You're not shiny... you're glowing!

I was thinking that jigsaw puzzle night was ridiculously fun (I seriously said, "Last night was so FUN!" about a dozen times on Sunday), and we should make it a repeating deal.

Steve has recovered from trying to burn the house down, and I threw away the melted bits of household goods, because I am nice. The Sims picture is still wallpaper, though. On Sunday, he left pizza in the toaster oven, and just forgot about it until I noticed it half an hour later. So now he's completely afraid of cooking. Although I think he could make something that looks far better than those scary plates above.

But anyway, the Tyler/Val/you guys/us combination is maybe my favorite in a long time. Let's hang out, yes, yes.

Boots in the Oven

Aww, poor Steve! He can come over and sit with me in the scared of cooking corner. We have badges and hats and sashes and everything!

We had a great time on Saturday, too! That shoud definitely be some sort of tradition. We can bring the puzzle next time - maybe this time, we'll move up one pope to our good frend benedict the 16.

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