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Mr. and Mrs. Pants (otherwise known as Girlie and Husbear) live for the time being in Austin, Texas. The vast majority of the posts here were penned by the Mrs., so direct complaints, allegations of inaccuracy, and examples of documented stupidity to her, plz.

They have a serious case of the travel insanity, and would gladly drop their lives right now if they could get paid to travel. And if someone could watch their two cats. Come on! They're adorable!

This blog began in 2005 (read early posts if you've got a particularly difficult case of insomnia) in Austin, and followed us for a year of living in Florence, Italy (August of 2006 - May of 2007), where Husbear attended culinary school. It sighed deeply when asked to follow us further through Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam on a windingly long route back to the southern U.S.

Join us as we try to find a way to keep our American adventures as interesting as our international ones.